Marios Orozco

I strive to capture the essence of what I see,
the temperature and the spirit of the nature and people around me.                  
 With coarse textures, rough brushstrokes and thick multiple layers, 
 I attempt to translate the rich gift that nature has provided us with.  
 I want to conjure forth sweet  memories and moments of  tranquility,
 I try to re-create the essence of a scenery the way it is printed into one’s memory, 
the way it feels, like a vivid dream and focus on the joyful healing harmony of light, color,
shadows and reflections. Like music I believe art can contain scales, harmony, rhythm and counterpoint.    
Even dissonance and cacophony can be interesting and pleasing if combined correctly.
 My goal is to show the world, the way I perceive it  intense, optimistic, vibrant, saturated and beautiful.   
 To share these visions is my never ending passion. ​
Quote by Marios Orozco​​Born in 1962, the son of Danish painter Lilly Kristensen and Mexican painter Luis Orozco, M A R I O S grew up in Mykonos, Greece where from very early years his painting talent was discovered. After Marios graduated Boston Academy of Art in 1981 in the USA, he moved to Christiania, Denmark, where by applying photogenic multi colored facade he turned South Pacific House in to the most photographed house in the Freetown. Marios is a multi-tasking talented artist. Before he opened up his Gallery and exposed his paintings, he used to have a Recording Studio where he worked as Music Producer with several artists, such as Lukas Graham, Mobb Deep, Will I Am, Killah Priest from Wu-Tang Klan, Yukmouth, The Jacka, Andy Vargas (Santana), JRO from The Alkaholicks, Eric Sermon (EPMD) from The DEF Squad, Lizzie (Ann Elizabeth Berg) and many others. Today, created by Marios, Christiania Art Gallery @ South Pacific is one of the most viewed point in Christiania by tourists and locals. Marios uses coarse textures, rough brushstrokes and thick multiple layers as his painting technique. Likewise, he creates art from objects, nature and people.

When buying a painting

When you buy a painting from Marios Orozco it will be taken of the frame and rolled up for safe shipping. This is done to protect the art.. If you would like to have it shipped with the frame, please contact us by email so we can arrange this with you. 
If you would like to give a different offer on a piece, than the listed price, please contact Marios Orozco on e-mail: