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Short Documentary about
Marios Orozco

This short documentary about Marios Orozco is produced by Ian McDonald, who visited us in the spring in 2022.

The Father Of Marios Orozco

Marios Orozco was born in Ølgod, Denmark, but soon after his birth his family moved to Mykonos, Greece, where his parents had met, and had decided to live together with their newborn baby.

In Mykonos Marios learnt a lot about art from both his parents. His father, Luis Orozco, was a Mexican painter and an art teacher. So it was from Luis that Marios learnt about colors and how to use many different techniques when working with oil paint.

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The Mother Of Marios Orozco

Marios mother, Lilly Kristensen, was also a painter and she also made collages with fabric. Recently her artwork was on display in one of the museums in Mykonos.

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From Musician And Producer…

When Marios was a young teenager he moved to The United States of America and gained a scholarship at The Boston Academy of Arts.

He moved to Christiania in 1981 when he was 19 years old.
Here he co-founded the funk band URD and got well known in the Danish music scene. Later he decided to take half of his home and rebuilt it into a music studio. This is what we know today as Christiania Art Gallery.

As a music producer he made music with a lot of different artists such as, J-ro, Tash and E Swift from Alkaholiks, George Cole, Andy Vargas (Santana), Warren G, Natasja, Karen Mukupa, Yukmouth, Nappion, Chin Ono, Kaka, Mike Rizzaw, MFS, Lukas Graham and many others.

… To Painter

In 2011 Marios Orozco started to paint again.

The interest for his artwork grew quickly and in 2017 – after he returned from California (he lived in San Fransisco part time for four years) – he rebuilt his music studio and turned it into Christiania Art Gallery starting by painting the facade of his house, the photogenic multi colored house we know today.

Christiania Art Gallery

Christiania Art Gallery is now a family owned gallery in the heart of Christiania. The colorful facade of Christiania Art Gallery is a landmark and one of the most photographed locations in Christiania.

The residents, Marios and Stephanie Orozco, exhibit, create their art and live in this location. They met in the summer of 2018 in front of South Pacific.

The house is originally called South Pacific and was given its name by the former resident Pancake Ray.

Its not unusual to be invited to join the festivities in front of South Pacific. Often there will be live jazz music and BBQ during the sunny and warm summer days.

Christiania Art Gallery offers a full spectre of colors and some good laughs along the way.

We welcome you to Christiania Art Gallery.

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