Mrs Orozco

By Mrs Orozco

Stephanie Orozco is the wife of the highly esteemed artist Marios Orozco, who has been selling paintings from his gallery, Christiania Art Gallery, since 2017. She is danish and grew up in a surburb not far from Copenhagen called Brøndby. She moved to Copenhagen in 2009 and after meeting the love of her life, her husband Marios, in 2018 she moved in with him that same year.
Stephanie Orozco started finding recycle clothes and thought about giving them new life with handpainted artworks and other ways of decorating. In 2019 she started selling her redesigned clothes in her husbands gallery in Christiania. Her clothes are uniqe because she uses secondhand pieces and because all the clothes are being handpainted by her. She mostly paints an artpiece on the back of jackets and shirts, but dresses, pants and skirts are also to find in the shop and up untill now she has not made two of the same. Her artwork represents mostly either flowers or a cartoon-caracter with a joint in the hand(s).